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Abbey McOrrie - Director

“I believe that as an early childhood educator that all children are unique and capable individuals, with their own interests, talents, skills and ideas that I value and respect. I believe children have a right to be active participants in their own learning and must be empowered to express their views and ideas. I will endeavour to be responsive to and build on all the children’s strengths, abilities and interests to ensure their motivation and engagement in learning. I believe I have a responsibility to model and present a positive and respectful approach to the environment. By embracing diversity with my pedagogical teaching practices engaging within topics that embraces the wider community, through multi model concepts of respect, acknowledgement, appreciation and acceptance of diversity and difference in our community, the children will be able to view diversity with a sense of appreciation and wonder. I will strive to create an environment of holistic understanding of each child’s educational needs, where we work towards achieving a shared goal. With my on- going education within the early education field, I am continuing to build my professional knowledge that I feel is a critical aspect of my professional development as an educator.


Jess Corey-Hewitt - Nursery Room Leader

“At Nest ELC my philosophy is to provide the children with a safe, fun and educational environment, in which they enjoy and can learn from. In order to supply this, I strive to work to my fullest potential to provide high quality child care. I feel that it is important to work alongside parents and families creating strong relationships in order to bring about positive, happy, secure and a special environment for the children to grow in. The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. I evolve the children in self reflection and create a sense of self in our learning environment, in the hopes of creating self awareness and helping the children evolve into their own people.”


Bianca Jaggard - Junior Preschool Room Leader

“My philosophy is to ensure children are safe and happy by providing a stimulating environment for the children to explore, experiment, create, ask questions, interact, be individual, investigate, discover and express themselves. I believe children learn through play and interactions with their environment and with other people. Play should always be fun! The provision of a safe and hygienic environment is essential to the health and well being of the child, families and staff. I work closely with families to guide children’s behaviour and set up appropriate boundaries to help their whole wellbeing and growth. I respect the individuality of the child and family. I will build a relationship and partner with you in the nurturing, caring and teaching of your child. And we will always have fun!”


Marriann Corey-Hewitt - Nursery Room

“I believe the environment in which children learn, play and grow should be one of warmth, comfort, love and security. It is detrimental that the children in my care have the opportunity to explore their individual selves, this will be encouraged through active relationships with staff, children and their families, through learning situations, constant support and by having fun. My role as an educator, I believe is to be a positive role model who inspires the children in my care to strive towards growth and development with confidence.”


Lauren Wynn- Pre-school Room Leader

“I believe that it is my responsibility as a team member of Nest ELC to maintain levels of hygiene and care, to provide high quality care for children, maintain a healthy and safe learning and play environment and to promote physical linguistic, social, emotional and intellectual development of children. I encourage exploration and see to actively develop positive problem solving skills in an environment, which does not believe in success or failure, rather than opportunity to learn more about oneself and develop new skills at an individual pace. I will always encourage, care and respect for others, equipment and the environment which then promotes an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration, rather than that of competition.”



Julia Ledonne - Nursery Room

“Working with children is the most rewarding opportunity a person is given. I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. As a teacher I will assist the children in discovering who they are, so they can express their own opinions and ideas. My role as a teacher is to guide and assist them with the knowledge that will help them find answers to their questions. To accomplish this goal, I will teach according to the needs of each child so that all learners can feel capable and successful.”

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